3 Reasons Why You Need an Experienced Elder Law Attorney


Are you setting up plans for your own golden years or trying to help your parents who are already in theirs? If so, you should consider consulting with an experienced elder law attorney to help ensure that you are doing the best you can to protect your finances later in life and preserve your assets for your children or grandchildren. Let us review three reasons why you need an elder law attorney as part of your team.

1. Elder Law Attorneys Understand Asset Protection. An elder law attorney is someone who understands different ways that you can protect your assets and income from being eaten up by medical needs that you may experience later in life. Elder law attorneys work to protect your assets during your lifetime in addition to helping to figure out what will happen to your assets when you pass away. 

2. Elder Law Attorneys are Experienced with Medicaid. If you think that you or your parent may need nursing home care, an elder law attorney can help you through the process of applying for Medicaid to cover the costs of your care. An elder law attorney can also advise you on how to potentially structure your assets in order to qualify for Medicaid coverage without losing everything you have and how you can preserve something for your spouse if only one of you needs nursing home care but the other needs funds for continuing to live independently.

3. An Elder Law Attorney Can Assist You With the Issue Most of Us Face In the Aging Process. Do you want to stay in your home as long as possible as you age? Do you need assistance planning for the costs of long-term care? An elder law attorney can help you and your loved ones navigate these prominent issues most of us will confront as we age.

Our office remains committed to assisting our clients and our communities in elder law matters. Please contact us to set up an appointment.

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