Disaster Preparedness: Protecting Your Most Important Documents

Legal document protection is as important as legal document creation. Lost or destroyed documents have no value

Legal document protection

As we’ve seen repeatedly, Mother Nature can wreak havoc on us with little to no warning. Even when weather forecasters predict a coming storm, it’s still difficult to know when and where the most damage will occur. We all try to safeguard our homes and possessions against damage. Your most important documents also merit consideration. When preparing for an upcoming disaster, make legal document protection a priority.
Hopefully, your Will, deeds, powers of attorney, birth certificates and the like are organized and kept in one location. If not, take a few moments to gather these documents and put them in a safe place.

But what legal document protection ways are best?

A Safe deposit box alone might not afford adequate legal document protection.

Some people keep their important documents in a safe deposit box. But even bank safe deposit boxes can flood. Protect your documents and valuables by placing them in waterproof bags or boxes.

Safe or lockbox

You can buy a water-proof, fire-resistant safe or lockbox to keep in your home. Even here, though, your important documents need a little more protection. Waterproof bags and boxes can make the difference between a pristine Will and a soggy mess.

Online storage affords legal document protection for copies but not originals.

Digital storage sites exist where people can scan and save copies of their important documents for a small monthly or annual fee. As with the other methods of storage, someone needs to know that the documents are saved there and how to access them. It’s still best to protect your original documents, but saving your documents to the cloud means you will at least have a copy.

Review your plans for legal document protection with your attorney

Some lawyers offer to keep original estate plan documents in a fire-proof safe. If you are interested in this option, discuss it with your attorney.
Give copies of your Will and other documents to trusted family members, executors, trustees. In the alternative, at least make sure your family members know where the originals or copies of your documents are located. Your family doctor should get a copy of any health care directives.

As you prepare your home for a natural disaster that may flood your home or expose its contents to the elements, spend a few moments focusing on legal document protection. Taking them with you is also an option, but slip them into waterproof storage bags first. However you choose to protect your documents, let your family know. You could save them time, money, and stress.

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