Hiring a Probate Lawyer in Stuart

Hiring a Probate Lawyer in Stuart

Lawyer advertisements are everywhere, from the local newspaper to billboards out on I-95 to the Internet. The sheer number of attorneys seeking to represent you can be overwhelming, especially when dealing with a probate matter. How will you choose the attorney who is the best fit for you? There are some compelling reasons why you should learn more about hiring a probate lawyer in Stuart.

You Live in or Near Martin County

Think local.

The most important reason is simple: a probate lawyer in Stuart understands the local court system. When it comes to handling a probate case in Martin County, a lawyer from Stuart is much more likely to know the people and the procedures at the courthouse than is an attorney from, say, Palm Beach, Ft. Lauderdale, or Miami.

It’s easier to consult with an attorney who lives near you. Also, you can more easily check out the reputation of a local attorney than one located in another city or county.

You Need Local Representation in a Probate Case

It’s not uncommon for someone living in another state to be involved in a local probate case.

For example, Jeannie B. lived in Idaho but was named the personal representative in her grandmother’s Will. The grandmother, Lucie, lived in Stuart at the time of her death. Because Lucie was domiciled in Stuart, Florida, her estate would be probated in Martin County. However, administration of her estate may be more difficult since Jeannie B. is a foreign personal representative,. It can be done, but Jeannie B. needs local representation.

Who better to contact than a probate lawyer in Stuart?

You Need to File an Ancillary Proceeding in Martin County

An ancillary probate is filed when a decedent died in one state, but owned property in another.

What if Jeannie B.’s grandmother Lucie had been living with her in Idaho at the time of her death?  However, Lucie still owned property in Stuart. Jeannie B. should file the primary probate proceeding in Idaho because that was Grandma Lucie’s final state of domicile. However, Jeannie B. may need to file an ancillary proceeding to dispose of the real property and other assets located in Stuart.

Hiring a Probate Lawyer in Stuart Is Best.

If you or a loved one is involved in a probate proceeding in or near Stuart, consider hiring a probate lawyer located in the Stuart area. It makes sense to hire a qualified Florida attorney with ties to the local community.

John Mangan is an experienced Florida estate planning attorney, who has been board certified in Wills, Trusts & Estates by the Florida Bar. From our office in Palm City, Florida, we also serve clients in nearby communities like Stuart, Hobe Sound, Port St. Lucie, and Jupiter.

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