Neil Armstrong’s Estate Received $6M from Wrongful Death Settlement


After passing away during a coronary bypass surgery in 2012, members of Neil Armstrong’s estate held Mercy Health-Fairfield Hospital culpable for the complications that led to his death. This week, it was reported that Armstrong’s estate was given $6 Million in a confidential wrongful death settlement.

Armstrong’s widow and estate executor, Carol, agreed to the settlement without receiving any of the money. In this case, Carol did not personally receive any money and instead distributed the money from the settlement to Armstrong’s two sons, his brother and sister, and his six grandchildren.

The role of an executor in the probate process requires a tremendous amount of dedication. Executors manage the deceased’s assets, debts, taxes, and are tasked with ensuring the accurate distribution of property and assets to beneficiaries named in a will.

An Experienced Lawyer helped the Armstrong’s

The probate process can be a complicated and stressful one, especially without an experienced probate attorney. An attorney may help reduce the stress involved with managing your loved one’s estate, allow you to focus on your family, career, keep you organized, and help manage any family disputes that may arise. Probate lawyers can also help you manage complex assets that require financing and can help speed up the process through filing paperwork correctly.

Reach Out to a Probate Lawyer Immediately

Consulting with an experienced probate lawyer can help you get through the probate process smoothly and competently. If you have a loved one who has passed and you have been named executor, consider contacting the Law Offices of John Mangan, P.A. Our experience in probate and trusts can help alleviate the stress of the probate process.

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