Reasons to Hire a Port St. Lucie Probate Lawyer

Reasons to Hire a Port St. Lucie Probate Lawyer

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Probate cases hit close to home. Often, close family members are involved, and it can be a stressful time. Hiring a local attorney to handle your probate case may reduce the stress of estate administration. That’s just one of the reasons hiring a Port St. Lucie probate lawyer is a good idea if you are dealing with a probate matter in Port St. Lucie or surrounding communities.


Probate cases are filed with the clerk of the circuit court, usually in the home county of the person who died. So, a probate proceeding for a person who lived in Port St. Lucie will be filed at the St. Lucie County courthouse.

For example, Oscar moved to Port St. Lucie three years before his death. Even though most of his family lived in Georgia, and he even owned some property there, his primary probate proceeding will be filed in St. Lucie, Florida.

It makes sense, then, to hire a probate lawyer who handles cases in Port St. Lucie for a St. Lucie County probate case.


It almost goes without saying that a probate lawyer knows probate law. However, a local probate lawyer knows how the probate system works in local courts. He or she probably knows the people who work at the courthouse.

For example, Oscar’s family had to file his Will with the clerk of the circuit court. However, they had no idea how to do it. They hired an attorney who handled Port St. Lucie cases. Their attorney filed the appropriate paperwork with the appropriate department, then set about helping them administer Oscar’s estate.

That’s another great reason to hire a Port St. Lucie probate lawyer.


Let’s say you live in or near Port St. Lucie and become involved in a probate case. You could hire an attorney in Palm Beach or Boca Raton, but why? Meeting with an attorney in Port St. Lucie or the nearby surrounding area may save you the frustration of a long drive and the expense of mailing or overnighting paperwork.

Choosing a local Port St. Lucie probate lawyer may ease some of the stress of going through probate.

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