New Year’s Resolution – Time to Update My Estate Plan

New Year’s is a time of reflection. It’s a time to think of the happenings of the past year and look forward to life ahead. While you’re in a contemplative mood, make updating your estate plan a primary New Year’s Resolution. What Do I Need to Update? The past year may have dealt you some major life events. Births and deaths, marriages and divorces could all lead to changes in your estate planning documents. Even Read More

Are Electronic Wills Valid in Florida?

We’re living in an increasingly digital world. Instead of newspapers, we read internet news sites. We use GPS instead of maps and the number of people using e-readers has skyrocketed. Even traditional estate planning is being affected. Digital asset inventories are becoming more common and even electronic wills have been proposed. As you work on your estate plan, you may have questions about whether electronic wills Read More

Disaster Preparedness: Protecting Your Most Important Documents

As we’ve seen in recent months, Mother Nature can wreak havoc on us with little to no warning. Even when weather forecasters predict a coming storm, it’s still difficult to know when and where the most damage will occur. We all try to safeguard our homes and possessions against damage. Your most important documents also merit consideration. When preparing for an upcoming disaster, make protecting your important legal Read More

Plan for an Orderly Distribution to Loved Ones

As you survey the property you’ve accumulated through a lifetime of hard work, you may wonder what’s going to happen to it after you’re gone. Maybe there are family heirlooms or other prized possessions or items of sentimental value, and it really matters to you who inherits them. How can you make sure there’s an orderly distribution of your property to your loved ones? Take stock. Make an inventory of your assets, Read More

Does Your Estate Plan Need an Annual Checkup?

We are encouraged to get regular dental checkups and the dreaded annual physical. We schedule spring cleaning, annual vacations, and maintenance on our automobiles and boats. Shouldn’t our estate planning documents get the same careful attention? During National Estate Planning Awareness Week, we invite you to review your current estate plan. When was the last time? Like most people, your to-do list is long and Read More

John Mangan Published in Wagging Tales Magazine!

Attorney John Mangan was recently published in the Winter 2016 edition of Wagging Tales - a resource of the Humane Society of the Treasure Coast, Inc. John's article focuses on reasons to consider a living trust. You can read the article on page 8 here. You can also download a your own copy of the article here. Read More

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