Did You Know Lawyers Are Specially Trained to Understand Your Needs?

Did You Know Lawyers Are Specially Trained to Understand Your Needs?

Thanks to the internet, handling your own legal matters may seem easier than ever before. The information and forms needed to create a will, trusts, healthcare directives, and more, are all readily available online. Accordingly, many people believe that using these resources is a simple, affordable alternative to hiring a lawyer. What they often do not know, initially, is that lawyers are specially trained to help you get the results you need.

There is no substitute for an experienced estate planning lawyer. This is because estate planning lawyers are specially trained to understand your needs and have years of experience to know how to handle the challenges you may face in the future.

How much do you know about lawyers? Did you know there are basic education and licensing requirements for all attorneys? For example, to practice law in the United States, attorneys must meet general standards for education and licensing, which include the successful completion of a Juris Doctor degree program at an accredited law school, admission to one or more bar associations following the successful completion of relevant exams, and a commitment to ongoing legal education.

Estate planning lawyers, specifically, have additional knowledge in this field. They understand the nuances associated with subjects including, but not limited to, the following areas:

  • Asset protection and management,
  • Estate planning complexities and challenges arising out of family dynamics,
  • State, federal and gifting taxation issues and planning,
  • Real estate law and title issues, and
  • Probate and probate avoidance.

Perhaps, more important, is the fact that selecting an estate planning lawyer is a highly personal matter. This is because you must be able to trust him or her to help you navigate sensitive and emotional issues. Therefore, it is critical for you to choose someone with certain traits unique to all successful lawyers, in addition to proper education and training. These traits can include:

  • Kindness, understanding and the ability to connect with you as a person, not just a client.
  • The willingness and ability to listen to your concerns and act accordingly.
  • A genuine desire to help you and your loved ones.
  • The ability to act in your best interest without alienating others.
  • Determination and follow through.
  • The ability to find alternative, creative solutions to the legal difficulties you are facing when traditional approaches fail.

With that being stated, we want to remind you that we are here to help you craft an estate plan that can protect you and your loved ones now, and in the future. We are also happy to review existing estate plans and recommend adjustments that ensure your plan will be able to achieve your goals. In either case, we encourage you not to wait to find the support you need and contact us to schedule a meeting.

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