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If you are concerned about the future as to who will receive your estate when you pass, or perhaps you really want a certain relative to have a particular item(s) of personal property, it may be time to contact an attorney. An attorney can help you to draft a will which clearly expresses your wishes for your loved ones after moving on.

If you are interested in bequeathing your property and want it to go as planned, having a binding legal document is absolutely essential. A skilled Jupiter wills lawyer may be available to help you with your estate planning needs.

Will Formalities in Jupiter

In order for a will to be considered for probate, the document must have several required elements, including witnesses and signatures. Adult persons of sound mind may sign their own will. Additionally, emancipated minors are permitted to write a testamentary document.

Per Florida Statute §732.502, a testator, who is the author of the will, must sign it at the end while two witnesses look on. The two observers must know that it is a testamentary document, and they should sign the will in the testator’s and each other’s presence. An adept Jupiter wills attorney may be able to advise clients further on appropriate witnesses for a will signing.

Handwritten and Holographic Wills in Jupiter

Indeed, a handwritten will might be deemed valid by a court governing Jupiter so long as it features all of the formalities required by F.S. §732.502.

Unfortunately, some handwritten wills may be considered invalid if they are not properly witnessed and signed. These wills are considered holographic. Although holographic wills are valid in some jurisdictions, they are not valid in Florida and cannot be probated in Jupiter.

The Permanency of Wills in Jupiter

Wills in Jupiter may actually be revised or revoked if certain criteria are met. A wills lawyer in Jupiter can provide further guidance.

Adding to a Will in Jupiter

Under F.S. §732.5105, a testator may add to a will. However, this addendum, called a codicil, has the power to republish a will as of the date of the codicil.

When someone bequeaths certain property, the date may play a role in the outcome when the will is probated. Speak with a wills attorney in Jupiter before adding to a will, and changing the date by doing so.

Cancelling a Will in Jupiter

If a testator decides to revoke all or a portion of their will, they must do so in a legally effective manner. They may burn or tear up the will so that it is obliterated. If they are not capable of destroying the will, a testator may direct another person to destroy it in their presence.

Additionally, a brand new will may contain statements that “hereby revoke” the prior testamentary instrument. Moreover, a divorce or annulment might affect some terms, such as “to my wife” or might require a new will altogether.

Consult with a Jupiter Wills Attorney Today

Writing a last will and testament can be an emotional experience, as few like to think about their own death. If you are in need of a testamentary document, it might help to sit down with a professional who is familiar with probate law. Call the law offices of a competent Jupiter wills lawyer today.

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