Palm City Dynasty Trust Lawyer

While discussing estate planning goals with a Palm City trusts lawyer, dynasty trusts may come up, if you have generational wealth. If sharing your wealth with future generations is a consideration, you, too, might benefit from a dynasty trust.

Building an Enduring Legacy with Dynasty Trusts in Martin County

Some families pass most of their wealth on to their children as a form of legacy building. Once the inheritance has been distributed, there are no controls on how the inheritance may be used. Unfortunately, some heirs are simply not well-equipped to handle an inheritance and lose everything in ill-conceived business deals, gambling, or overspending.

Dynasty trusts do a better job of protecting a family’s wealth:

  • The grantor or grantors establish the dynasty trust, which is an irrevocable trust.
  • The intention is that the trust assets continue to be owned and managed by the trust as long as the law allows.
  • In Florida, a dynasty trust may last the lifetime of a specific beneficiary plus up to 360 years.
  • The trust could include language, like a power of appointment, that addresses the need to make some changes to the trust at some point.
  • Dynasty trusts can offer asset protection for future beneficiaries since they never own the trust assets.

Sharing Your Wealth While Reducing the Tax Burden

It’s heartwarming to think that your wealth can help your future descendants. But reducing taxes is one of the major reasons to consider a dynasty trust:

  • Depending upon how the trust is structured, future asset appreciation may take place outside of the estates of the grantor and the trust’s beneficiaries, thus avoiding estate tax.
  • Gift tax may be paid when assets are transferred to the trust. Even then, the tax is only due if the value of the assets exceeds federal tax exemptions.
  • Assets transferred to the trust typically decrease the value of the grantor’s taxable estate.
  • Beneficiaries may receive income from the trust, but the trust assets do not become part of the beneficiaries’ taxable estate.

Will a Dynasty Trust Make a Difference to Your Family’s Future?

A well-planned dynasty trust provides a thoughtful way to care for future generations while minimizing taxes. Interested in dynasty trusts?  As always, talk to an experienced attorney before establishing any trust.

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