Christopher D.

“As a gun enthusiast and very small collector I had recently become aware of Gun Trusts and the legal, financial and asset protection that they can provide to my family and myself. I did some reading around the subject regarding the content, scope and cost of having a Gun Trust prepared. After a couple of referrals to other attorneys that did not work out, the last attorney, who did not prepare Gun Trusts referred me to John Mangan, Jr.

I made an appointment to meet with John to find out more about Gun Trusts and if I truly needed one. I had many questions. I was interested in operating within the law with gun ownership and use, particularly with National Firearms Act (NFA) items, possession and use of NFA items by a family or friend and transfer of ownership through the generations to family members. John listened intently to my questions and wishes then explained it all to me with detailed crystal clarity. I was confident that my attorney, John Mangan, Jr., had the specific set of skills to prepare a tailor made Gun Trust to meet my needs. It was not going to be the cheapest Gun Trust that was available to me, but I knew the content would be what I was looking for and that it would be prepared by an attorney who had the special interest and knowledge in this area of law.

If you think you need a Gun Trust there are two basic questions that you need to ask yourself. What do you want in YOUR Gun Trust and who do you want to prepare it? I have no reservations in recommending John Mangan, Jr., Esq. to you. Thank you John.”

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