Vince G

“After my friend and business partner passed away suddenly, it became apparent that it was time to think about an estate plan and finally get an industrial strength will done. The temptation is to try to use some basic template or something but the reality is that there’s so many considerations that a solid will covers that something not done professionally won’t. And as I saw with my friend’s estate, not having a comprehensive will can complicate things later, create more stress and strife of family members and pretty much delay everything let alone add more expense unnecessarily. So I contacted John’s office and the process, while very thorough went smoothly and quickly as we covered all the aspects needed. I will say there’s a certain peace to knowing things will be handled in the way I want whenever that time comes. John and his staff were always professional and have excellent followup to help move the process forward and complete the work when promised. If you’ve been thinking about finally getting a will and/or estate plan done but have delayed, my advice is take that first step. It’s not necessarily stuff we want to think about, but once done, it’s a good feeling having completed it.”

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