Overcoming Estate Planning Excuses

Maria has a small child, a daughter named Alyssa. Lionel is an unmarried business owner. Simon is a college student with few possessions or debts. They all have something in common: they don’t have estate plans. In fact, when asked why they don’t have Wills, they all engage in the same estate planning excuses. They don’t know, yet, that there are ways to overcome those excuses. Excuse #1: I don’t like to talk about Read More

How to Plan for Incapacity or Disability

When a car breaks down, the driver usually pulls over to the side of the road and activates the car’s hazard lights. If a boat runs into trouble, the operator may radio a Mayday call and send up flares to summon help. But when an individual becomes incapacitated, their ability to alert others that they need help ends, sometimes abruptly. Just as it’s important to pack an emergency kit in your car or file a float plan Read More