Celebrity Estate Planning Mistakes: Chief Justice Warren Burger

Some say a man who represents himself in a legal proceeding has a fool for client. Chief Justice Warren Burger probably heard that saying, as it is very common in the legal field. However, if he did know the saying, it certainly did not stop him from writing his own Will. The question is: Was he a fool for writing his own Will? Chief Justice of the Supreme Court From his working-class beginnings, Warren Earl Burger Read More

DIY Estate Planning Can’t Do These Four Things

We often pride ourselves on being self-sufficient. Do-it-yourself projects abound, from painting the living room to building a deck. People choose projects for reasons ranging from the pleasure of doing something themselves to saving money. But some DIY projects may cost the consumer more in the long run. Take estate planning, for example. Websites that offer forms for common legal documents seem like a bargain, but Read More