Don’t Forget the Florida Elective Share

Certain events in our lives often trigger an estate plan review. For example, if you get married or divorced, it is very likely you will want to change your Will and other estate planning documents. But what happens if you just find yourself estranged from your spouse? Can you change your estate plan to disinherit your husband or wife? You certainly can try, but don’t forget the Florida elective share. This law may Read More

Florida Elective Share Fundamentals

Dividing estate assets can be a thorny problem. In addition to a deceased person’s Will – assuming they prepared one – personal representatives and heirs may tackle family allowance eligibility, homestead laws, unusual Wills, and beneficiary designations that have not been updated for years. Add the following to that list of issues: the Florida Elective Share. What Is the Florida Elective Share? The surviving Read More