Florida Land Trust: Another Form of Property Ownership

In previous articles, we have looked at different ways to own property in Florida. For example, you may own real property as the sole owners, as tenants in common and as joint tenants with right of survivorship. The Florida land trust is another form of property ownership you may want to consider. But why? Property Owned by a Florida Land Trust May Be Protected from Liens and Civil Judgments Someone who loses a Read More

Benefits to Establishing a Florida Land Trust

There’s more than one way to own property. Most people, though, just own it outright. Their name shows up in the county deed records for all to see. What if there was another way to own property, a way that may offer more privacy and protection? Read on to learn more about the benefits gained by establishing a Florida land trust. The Florida Land Trust Act allows a revocable trust to own real property. The trust, Read More