The 20% Small Business Deduction – Does Your Business Qualify?

In December of 2017, President Trump signed a tax reform bill into law. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act generated a lot of excitement for provisions that reduced taxes and greatly increased the estate tax exemption. This new law also provided a significant benefit to small business owners – the 20% small business deduction. However, there are restrictions on which businesses qualify for this tax benefit. How the 20% Small Read More

Tax Reform and Limited Liability Companies

President Trump signed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act into law on December 22, 2017. Tax reform offered sweeping changes for individual taxpayers and business entities, like limited liability companies. Limited Liability Companies Are Popular, Now More Than Ever For years now, the limited liability company has been one of the most popular business entities to form. As pass-through entities, limited liability companies Read More

$11 Million Reasons to Review Your Estate Planning

It’s important to keep our estate plans current. Experiencing a major life event, like a birth or death, may affect some or all of your estate planning documents. When laws change, your plans may need some attention also. The tax reform that became law in December 2017 will probably affect your income tax strategies. Deductions you once counted on may have been eliminated, decreased, or increased. It also affects Read More

Tax Reform and Your Vacation Home

The tax deduction for mortgage interest has long been a favorite of American taxpayers. After all, home and property ownership are linchpins of the American Dream. The new tax reform law, however, contains provisions regarding the mortgage interest deduction that may affect Americans who own, or hope to own, a vacation home. Before the 2017 tax reform law, home owners were permitted to deduct interest for Read More

The Effect of Proposed Tax Reform on Your Estate

American taxpayers have made one message clear: it’s time for tax reform. Congress and President Trump’s rhetoric have raised hope that relief is on the way. But it also leaves taxpayers wondering what effect the proposed tax reform will have on estate planning. Tax Reform When most people think of tax reform, they think of lowering income taxes. In fact, President Trump campaigned on tax reform that would lower Read More