3 Little Known Facts About Wills

The Last Will and Testament has been used as an estate planning document for centuries. In fact, Wills are often the first – and only – document people think of when they think about estate planning. Most people know about Wills from books, news about Will contests and celebrity estates, movies, and television shows. As common as they are, though, there are some little known facts about Wills. Little Known Fact Read More

Will Contests and How to Avoid Them

When country singer Glen Campbell died in 2017, he probably did not foresee the manner in which his family subsequently chose to handle his estate. He did leave a Will. However, three of his eight children were specifically excluded from the Will, which led them to contest the Will’s validity. Now, Mr. Campbell’s estate is being held up in probate court until the matter is decided. Whether a family is famous or not, Read More

Overcoming Estate Planning Excuses

Maria has a small child, a daughter named Alyssa. Lionel is an unmarried business owner. Simon is a college student with few possessions or debts. They all have something in common: they don’t have estate plans. In fact, when asked why they don’t have Wills, they all engage in the same estate planning excuses. They don’t know, yet, that there are ways to overcome those excuses. Excuse #1: I don’t like to talk about Read More

5 Weird Will Provisions

If you’ve seen one Will, you’ve seen them all, right? Actually, your Will is a very personal expression of your wishes. It’s your voice giving one final message to the world. Some people take it to the next level by writing some slightly weird Will provisions. “Where No Remains Have Gone Before” Gene Roddenberry, creator of the Star Trek franchise, took television viewers to worlds they had never experienced Read More