Can I create a will by myself?

Can you create a will by yourself?  Sure, in this day in age with the advantages technology provides us almost anyone is capable of going on the Internet and filling out some form.  Does that mean that you should do it?  Probably not!

If I’ve got a cavity in my mouth am I capable of reaching in, pulling out that tooth with a set of pliers?  Yeah, probably, probably not a good idea nor would I ever do it though.

But we live in such an interesting age where anybody can do anything on the Internet these days but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a good idea to do your own planning.

There was a case recently that worked its way over several years up to the Florida Supreme Court that involved a situation where someone had done their own planning, filled out their own form and led to a disastrous result and the justice who wrote the opinion in that case she ended up just lambasting the usage of do-it-yourself forms and technology because I’m sure this was not the first time she had seen a situation like this.  There had been so many horror stories where because something seems simple and easy but people don’t take the time to seek the advice of a professional you end up with an awful situation.

So, the short answer is you can do it yourself but it’s probably not a wise idea to do so.

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