What factors should I consider while naming a long-term guardian for my minor children?

When you think about who you might want to name as a guardian for your minor children the most important thing is to name somebody whom you trust completely and who shares your values.

This is going to be somebody who potentially is raising your children for a period of years.  It needs to be somebody that’s going to raise your children in a manner like you would that shares the same values as you.  What you don’t want to focus on is how much money do your long-term guardians have?  That’s really not the right mindset.

The job of providing for your children in case, God forbid, something happens to you as a parent, that job is yours to provide that money and to have that money set aside.  Life insurance very often is the primary vehicle for doing so but you don’t want to confuse the monetary factor with the more important factors of who is it that you trust and who shares your values when it comes to naming long-term guardians.

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