How can I ensure that my minor children are protected should something happen to me?

When we think about providing protection for minor children there are really two or three different areas that we need to take a look at. The first one is who’s going to take care of the kids? Not just on a long-term basis but on a short-term basis. If you and/or your spouse are temporarily unavailable but at least one of you is still alive, who’s going to take care of the kids to make sure that they don’t go into the custody of the state?

So we think, again, both about the short-term timeframe as well as the long-term timeframe who’s going to take care of your kids on a long-term basis if unfortunately you were to pass away.

Then the other thing that we want to take a look at is how do we take care of the money? There have been many horror stories out there with a child who receives a large lump sum inheritance when they turn age 18 which is something that in my experience most parents want to avoid.

There are ways to ensure that a child is not going to be receiving a large check when they turn 18 which could lead to disastrous consequences.

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