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Our clients are always the top priority – and it shows. See what our clients have to say about our counsel and our commitment to their best interests. Although we always strive for 100% client satisfaction, prospective clients should understand that the accounts below are specific to individual clients and are no guarantee of the same or similar results.

From 72 reviews
Neil M.

“I cannot recommend John Mangan enough for his work. He was extremely thorough, very patient and I thought very forward thinking bringing up scenarios that would never have occurred to me. He nursed my wife and I along and we are completely satisfied with the results and the peace of mind that comes with having John as our Estate planner.”

Vicky Y.

“I met John at a local chamber of commerce meeting and I knew right away that he was the person to help my family and I get our family affairs & estate planning in order. We had not done so previously and I felt it was on the top of my to do list. His professionalism, expertise and personal comfort that he gave me was immeasurable, especially because during the time of getting everything in order, we experienced a tragic death in the family. He was immediately available to help us work through this difficult and unexpected time in our lives. I can tell you first hand that if you haven’t done your estate planning yet or haven’t updated it in awhile, you must do so without hesitation. I highly recommend John to be that person for you!”

Beth R.

“I was putting off moving forward with my Estate Planning and updating my Will after my husband passed away a few years ago. I happened to meet John Mangan at a business function and was very impressed by his demeanor. I was so comfortable after meeting him that I decided to move forward with hiring him to help me. He made a very difficult, daunting task very easy for me. I felt like the weight of the world was lifted off my shoulders. I have, and will continue to recommend this upstanding attorney.”

Robert B.

“John was very informative and spent time with me reviewing my needs. Easy to work with. I am resting easier now knowing this is taken care of. Thanks, John.”

David W.

“John, I want to personally thank you for your support to me in developing my trusts. I was most impressed with your structured process and spending time with me so that I would have a understanding of all items that are included in my trusts. I have recommended you to my family and friends. It has been a pleasure to have you provide service to me.”

Adam S.

“The process of putting a will together with John Mangan was smooth and painless. John was a pleasure to work with and we will definitely recommend his services.”

Isabel S.

“A little over a year ago we had a really crazy event happen in our family. It was a bit scary and overwhelming at the time. I called a very trusted friend and asked her what I should do about this. She gave me some good advice and then told me that Bernie (my husband) and I needed to find a great lawyer to get our will done.

We have two little boys and we knew since before they were born that we needed to get this done, but I guess we always kept it at the back burner – so to speak. I started calling law firms that specialized in estate planning and everyone seemed to think that writing up a will was just a quick little piece of paperwork and were directing me to their paralegals.

But, I didn’t want a paralegal! I wanted a really good lawyer!

So, we moved down to Florida and I went out to a moms group in an attempt to make new friends. It just so happened that John Mangan came to the group and spoke about estate and will planning while he was there. He went over lots of details, spoke about sticky family situations, and even said that if we had our will done with him he’d check in with us every few years for needed updates as our family would grow and change. It was like an angel had fallen out of the sky for us! I was completely impressed with him and called my husband after loading the kids in the van to tell him that I thought I found our lawyer.

We met with him about a month later (it’s hard to find a sitter in a new place!) and started going through the process of getting our will done. John asked great questions that even we had never thought of and was so careful to make sure he explained exactly everything that we signed or filled out. At our last meeting, Bernie and I answered 21 questions that John had sent us. These questions went over any important knowledge or ways we would make certain decisions concerning how the boys would be raised. It was all recorded so our boys could hear our voices should we not make it to those milestones in their lives.

Our whole experience with John was so much more than what we ever expected when we thought of putting together our will. We’ve highly recommended him many times already and are so grateful to know that should God call us home, our boys are completely taken care of in this earthly life.”

Alyse M.

“Hello, John. I just wanted to say thank you for everything you have done for my husband and I. I was recently diagnosed with a brain tumor and it has been such a HUGE relief to know that all the important stuff is already done. My tumor looks to be benign and I am in the “wait and watch” phase, but I am going to be visiting a lot of doctors in different states because I want to make sure that I am doing the right thing and that I have the right doctors doing it.

Thanks to you: my HIPPA, Health Care Surrogate, and Living Will are already done so my family can stay up-to-date on all my visits and make decisions for me if I am unable to do so; my temporary guardianship is already done so my husband or my mother can travel with me and my family and friends can take care of my daughter; and my husband has Durable Power of Attorney so all my affairs can be handled by him in the event something goes wrong.I never thought at my age that I would need all of those things, but overnight it has become such a blessing to have them already done.From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for giving us the tools we need and for making it so easy!”


“I was putting off moving forward with my Estate Planning and updating my Will after my husband passed away a few years ago. I happened to meet John Mangan at a business function and was very impressed by his demeanor. I was so comfortable after meeting him that I decided to move forward with hiring him to help me. He made a very difficult, daunting task very easy for me. I felt like the weight of the world was lifted off my shoulders. I have, and will continue to recommend this upstanding attorney.”


Great service

“John was very attentive and helpful suggesting an alternative solution to my problem that brought a quicker resolution and saved me some money as well. I would definitely recommend him.”


“John fully understood what we wanted with the planning of our will and estate. He offered some good suggestions which we overlooked. All appointments were on time, and the fixed rate package for estate planning was reasonable. We will gladly use his services again should the need arise. He provided a very positive experience in attorney dealings.”


“John did a great job for me in a reasonable timeframe and at an affordable price. I particularly liked his menu pricing various projects rather than billing hourly for everything. It allowed me to manage my budget well from start to finish.”

Penny & Mccolloch

“We were lucky enough to find John Mangan at a gun show we had all attended. After researching his credentials, we scheduled a consult. We are in our 60’s & wanted to update our wills, inquire about trusts, health surrogate designation & end of life directives to leave little worry to our heirs. John helped us to understand it all, & make informed decisions. We definitely recommend him for his legal expertise & compassion in dealing with these life issues”


“We’ve been with John for four years now. He has helped us with wills, trusts, and advice on contracts. He has been helpful responsive and reasonably priced. Recommend and trust him very much.”


“I used John for estate planning and found him to be not only very knowledgeable, but readily available for questions that I had. Additionally he pointed me in the right direction for other legal needs. I was impressed with his knowledge of insurance planning, as well. He did a trust for me and my husband an I would call on him again for changes or future needs.”


A Lawyer you can put your trust in…

“We had to do wills, living wills, power of attorney and a trust for our dog… John Mangan, ESQ explained each document in detail so we could make informed decisions about what we wanted. I would recommend him highly to anyone seeking estate planning and wills.”

Christopher D.

“As a gun enthusiast and very small collector I had recently become aware of Gun Trusts and the legal, financial and asset protection that they can provide to my family and myself. I did some reading around the subject regarding the content, scope and cost of having a Gun Trust prepared. After a couple of referrals to other attorneys that did not work out, the last attorney, who did not prepare Gun Trusts referred me to John Mangan, Jr.

I made an appointment to meet with John to find out more about Gun Trusts and if I truly needed one. I had many questions. I was interested in operating within the law with gun ownership and use, particularly with National Firearms Act (NFA) items, possession and use of NFA items by a family or friend and transfer of ownership through the generations to family members. John listened intently to my questions and wishes then explained it all to me with detailed crystal clarity. I was confident that my attorney, John Mangan, Jr., had the specific set of skills to prepare a tailor made Gun Trust to meet my needs. It was not going to be the cheapest Gun Trust that was available to me, but I knew the content would be what I was looking for and that it would be prepared by an attorney who had the special interest and knowledge in this area of law.

If you think you need a Gun Trust there are two basic questions that you need to ask yourself. What do you want in YOUR Gun Trust and who do you want to prepare it? I have no reservations in recommending John Mangan, Jr., Esq. to you. Thank you John.”


“My wife and I were very happy with the services we received as well as the courtesy and professionalism of Mr Mangan. We would feel quite comfortable referring any of our family or friends to his practice.”


“My Father passed away unexpectedly and I soon realized I would need to hire an attorney to handle the estate. I was grieving the loss of my Dad and under a lot of stress. I spoke with a few attorneys and was left feeling even more confused and frustrated with the probate process. I needed an attorney I could trust and count on. A family friend recommended I speak with attorney John Mangan Jr. I am so glad I did! I met with him once and immediately decided to hire him. Mr. Mangan made me feel comfortable and at ease. He throughly explained the probate process and answered any and all questions I had. I truly believe I could not have gone through this process without the knowledge, expertise and professionalism of Mr. Mangan. Everything was handled in a timely manner and he paid immaculate attention to every detail. I felt he had my best interest at heart and he was readily available to address any of my concerns. I would highly recommend John Mangan Jr for anyone in need of consultation and similar services.”

Don Patnaude

“I have used John on two matters to date. I hired John to do my gun trust and then had him do my will. On both occasions I was given very professional information and follow up was excellent. John also provided professional personalized binders for both my trust and my will. I would highly recommend John as he was a pleasure to work with him.”


“I requested assistance from John in creating a will/trust for my children. I had no idea how complex this was and that I would not have been able to do a thorough enough job had I done it myself. I provided some information to John and he took care of everything, at a very reasonable cost. He was very prompt, courteous and complete with his work. The result was a professional presentation of my will/trust that I can feel comfortable was done correctly. In addition, I now have a working relationship with John who I am confident I can turn to when I need assistance.”


“John Mangan worked – developed and provided us with expert legal advice in revising our wills – trusts – etc in a most competent and professional environment – was most patient and courteous !!! We highly recommend him – unconditionally !!”


The Complicated Made Understandable

“I recently retained this attorney to prepare estate planning documents. Of course, the issues to be dealt with in a living will, a trust, powers of attorney, health care surrogates, guardians of person and property for a minor, etc. are numerous and complicated. Mr. Mangan walked me through all the necessary decisions prior to drafting any documents. Once the documents were drafted, he again sat with me and reviewed each document, verified that the decisions and elections made were what I wanted, and again explained things which confused me. The process of preparing one’s own will and anticipating the eventuality of one’s own death, especially when it involves planning for a minor child, is one which is easy to avoid (as I did for 13 years since my son’s birth). However, I now feel much more comfortable than my son and others will be taken care of as I intend because of the time Mr. Mangan and his staff spent with me, and the detailed efforts to explain the important issues involved to me.”


“John Mangan created a Trust for me that was very comprehensive and effective. He explained the Trust to us in detail that was very clear and understandable. Subsequently,I have called him with questions and he responded promptly with accurate legal advice. I am very satisfied with his services and would highly recommend him.”


Will Preparation

“John and his staff we the best! They were very patient with my husband and myself with our difficult schedules and many questions.”

Tom & Cindy

Awesome Attorney !!!

“It gives us great pleasure to recommend attorney John Mangan. If you are looking for an outstanding estate attorney in the Martin County area, you have found him in John Mangan. Mr. Mangan, April and his entire staff are caring and compassionate. His professionalism and expert legal knowledge helped our family out of a potentially dangerous situation. I am certain John Mangan will be an AWESOME ATTORNEY for you just as he has been for us.”


Exactly what I needed

“John was tremendous. He clearly explained all of my options and the implications and then completed the work accurately and efficiently in total agreement with my wishes. I highly recommend John Mangan.”


No Pressure, very thorough

“John was incredibly helpful and patient as he explained the mechanics of the documents. There was never any pressure and he and his awesome staff were incredibly responsive.”


“Mr. Mangan and his team were very courteous and professional. They expedited things to the best of their ability and kept me informed every step of the way. This was very important to me as an out of state client.”

Frank Croft

“My father is 87 years old and decided he needed a will. I researched the internet and decided on John Mangan. I’m so glad I did! I admit I had preconceived notions based on my experience with obtaining a Revocable Living Trust. I assumed he needed the same thing. Mr. Mangan explained in simple terms that my dad didn’t need it and would save some money. Imagine that, an attorney trying save a client some money!
Mr. Mangan and his assistant were punctual , patient and professional in every way. Mr. Mangan explained every step clearly so my father could understand what was necessary.
We are so happily satisfied with Mr. John Mangan, and you will be too, if you so choose.”

The Campbell Family

“I can speak on my wife’s behalf when I say we both were extremely satisfied with Attorney Mr. Mangan, and his assistant Ms. Palmer. Talking with Mr. Mangan, I nor my wife never thought we were talking to an “attorney”, because he never once “talked above our heads”. During our 1st meeting I felt the need to “break the ice”, therefore I made a comment about “Titanium”. Ms. Palmer was very professional, and down to earth, to both my wife and I as well. From day one, up until receiving our Final Wills, our questions and concerns were addressed and answered. As like many we where referred to Mr. Mangan’s office. We would HIGHLY recommend Mr. Mangan’s office to our friends.”

William Garrigan

“Attorney John Mangan and his staff were very helpful and professional in helping my wife and I prepare our will and other legal documents.”

Neal Chianese

“Great firm and I highly recommend the offices of John Mangan!”

Lydia Schmidt

“There is no surprise to see so many great responses for John Mangan and staff. Recommended for knowledgeable, professional, personal and caring guidance.”

Charlie Stinchcomb

“The professionalism, knowledge and support of this firm is outstanding. They truly go above and beyond.”

Paula Zerby

“Excellent experience. Gladly refer anyone with confidence.”

Sandi O

“John Mangan was extremely helpful to our family when we needed it the most. His knowledge and genuine compassion about our situation is why I would recommend him to anyone that is searching for an honest and caring attorney.”

Dr. Grif Griffith

“John has been there for me when I needed him.”

Donald Barton

“Being in the Wealth Management arena I appreciate an attorney that has a personal touch and a passion for detail and excellence. Attorney Mangan is well versed in Wills and Trusts. I will recommend him to clients.”

Frank Ciambotti

“Due to my recent retirement I decided to redo my will. I was fortunate enough to be recommended to John Mangan and his staff. From our first meetin both John and his assistant April made me feel very comfortable. John made sure that every possible situation was addressed and he left me totally at ease. Upon completion I was given a beautiful binder that can access all of my documentation quickly and easily for my family. I have had my will done in the past but now Ive had it done by the best! I would highly recommend them to anyone in need of their services. It was a pleasure!”

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Eugene Hartnell

“John Mangan and staff were very professional and easy to work with. His advice definitely paid off for my family.”

Many clients have written to us or posted observations about their experience with the attorneys of the Law Offices of John Mangan, P.A. We are deeply grateful for Eugene Hartnell and all those who were so generous with their time and wrote words of praise about their experience.

A client endorsement is a confirmation of daily efforts to meet and exceed expectations in all that we do.  Over the nearly fifteen years attorneys of the Law Offices of John Mangan, P.A. have diligently worked to extend and refine the services our clients seek.  With more than fifty law firms and untold dozens of other organizations offering some level of estate planning, probate, wills, and trusts guidance, growth is contingent upon the quality and reliability of all the services we provide.

An independent rating agency has evaluated the growth of the Law Offices of John Mangan, P.A. and placed it in the 74th position on a list of the “Fastest Growing Law Firms in the US,” based on gross revenues over the past three years.  2023 was the third year in a row that Law Offices of John Mangan, P.A. was included on the list with a growth rate of 104%.

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Do you question the need for attorney guidance with so many online resources? Because laws and regulations are complex, and because every person has a lot at risk, more people than ever are seeking professional guidance from an experienced, knowledgeable source. That helps explain the rapid growth of our firm. Whether you happened upon this website by accident or are one of the many referrals we receive from a nearly 15-year collection of satisfied clients, our staff can provide customized estate planning guidance for you. Call us. Our number: 1 (772) 218-0480

Written by: John Mangan, JD, MBA

Bill Selby

“I live in Pennsylvania and I needed an attorney to handle probate for my mother’s time share property in Florida. I was referred to John by my accountant who lives in the area and I was very happy with his services. John clearly explained the process and completed the work at a very reasonable cost. I highly recommend him.”

Kevin Sharkey

“There are many reputable attorneys in the area so the bar is already set pretty high for someone to be overly impressed when they do business with a local attorney. Mr. Mangan with his legal assistant April were more than prepared for every meeting and very conscious of the goals I set forth for completing my Will and closing down an old corporation. They are extremely professional, cost effective and efficient. I strongly recommend this firm!”

Lee Miller

“John is the finest lawyer I’ve had the pleasure of working with. He guided me through a complex estate planning process. His experience, expertise and knowledge of the law is excellent. I am completely pleased with this outcome of his services and feel that my life estate is in impeccable order. John Mangan is outstanding and I highly recommend him.”

Jill Kelly

” I can’t say enough about the service I received from John Mangan and his office staff. I don’t live in Florida, but I needed an attorney in that state to handle an issue with a trust that had been created in Florida more than 20 years ago.

I was guided every step of the way, and the outcome was favorable for all concerned. My e-mails and phone calls were handled promptly. All fees were explained and I even received a refund check when the estimate on a service was less than expected.

John and his staff are professional, easy to work with, and good people.
I highly recommend their services. I couldn’t have done this without them.”

Brandon Abell

“John and his team could not have been easier to work with and more friendly. They helped us with all of our needs and questions! Highly recommended.”

Linda Magnacca

“My husband and I went to John Mangan’s office to review our existing wills and create other health care and power of attorney documents. He spent a lot of time with us explaining the documents as they apply to Florida laws. I never felt rushed, and he further advised me before signing the final documents. Also, I appreciated the compilation of the will and other documents into a binder that will be easy for family members to find. On the whole he was very professional and personable. I would recommend him highly to those in need of legal advice.”

Nick McFadden

“My wife and I were very inexperienced and didn’t know much about the needs of planning ahead to protect our family. John made us feel more confident and comfortable about the protection we were establishing by educating and walking us through the process step by step. I feel like you need a law degree to understand most of the documents but he explained them in language that we understood. We will definitely be using John for any future estate planning and recommend you do the same.”

Robert Burke

“John and April did an outstanding job in setting up a Revocable Living Trust in my estate planning and brought me a great peace of mind within my estate planning portfolio, knowing that the Revocable Living Trust is private and that the Will transfers any of my assets overseen by John with professionalism and dedication to my wishes. One of the most professional law firms I have had the pleasure to work with, and I know the made the right decision in selecting the Law Offices of John Mangan, P.A.”

Judy Beauseigneur

“John was referred to us by a friend and I am so glad we followed through with this referral. John immediately makes you feel at ease. John explained everything to us and answered every question I had. You never felt like you were taking his time – he is very thorough and makes sure you feel comfortable with what he has done. It’s great to have a lawyer that you feel so comfortable with and looks out for your best interest. I would definitely recommend him!”

Diane Romeo

“John Mangan and his entire staff are extremely knowledgeable and professional when preparing my families trust and wills. John is a pleasure to work with and very thorough.”

Roy Saykay

“John is very professional with his service. He set up our trusts and it was a very easy and complete process. I would highly recommend him.”

Dick K

“Very professional and detailed. I would recommend this office to anyone seeking a will.”

Howie Curtis

“Outstanding professional services. John and April were extremely responsive, taking the time to fully understand my needs, answer my questions, and put together a trust I have complete confidence in. They actually made the Law understandable — and fun. I will not hesitate to use their services again.”

Robert Marquez

“I wanted to take the time to thank John and April for all the hard work on preparing my estate planning. The results were amazing. They are very professional and very easy to work with, even though we just met I felt like I had known them for years. I would definitely recommend them for your estate planning.
Thanks again John & April.”

Eric Kiehn

“John is truly a professional. Not only does he care about doing the right thing for his clients, but he gives back to the community being involved with various boards and organizations. It’s one thing to just belong to a group and quite another to participate and make a difference, John makes a difference and as one person who has used John’s services told me, “he’s got a really sharp mind and uses it”. Great going John…”

Vince G

“After my friend and business partner passed away suddenly, it became apparent that it was time to think about an estate plan and finally get an industrial strength will done. The temptation is to try to use some basic template or something but the reality is that there’s so many considerations that a solid will covers that something not done professionally won’t. And as I saw with my friend’s estate, not having a comprehensive will can complicate things later, create more stress and strife of family members and pretty much delay everything let alone add more expense unnecessarily. So I contacted John’s office and the process, while very thorough went smoothly and quickly as we covered all the aspects needed. I will say there’s a certain peace to knowing things will be handled in the way I want whenever that time comes. John and his staff were always professional and have excellent followup to help move the process forward and complete the work when promised. If you’ve been thinking about finally getting a will and/or estate plan done but have delayed, my advice is take that first step. It’s not necessarily stuff we want to think about, but once done, it’s a good feeling having completed it.”

Mike Hummel

“My wife and her siblings inherited real estate in Florida from an Aunt. The PR did all he could do to milk money from the estate, John and his team was instrumental in stopping this abuse. I highly recommend this group.”

Dave Darrenbacker

“John and his staff are very hands on and take a personal approach to their work. John has a great attention to detail. Highly recommend!”

Veronica Montoya

“Vic (from Vic’s Real Estate Picks) and I have had been wanting to make sure that if something happened to either or both of us, our family would have a clear path as to what to do next. We met with John Mangan who walked us through every step of the way. He asked very detailed questions which helped us clarify what we needed to do for our family.

We met various times to make sure that everything was covered while all along the way getting phone calls from his assistants to make sure we understood the process and what they needed from us next.

We are in Real Estate and every time we have a client or friend who needs an Attorney, John Mangan, and his team are the people we recommend!”

Merle Dimbath

“Will and trust documents prepared for several family members. I am pleased to recommend Mr, Mangan”

Michael Kolar

“John is an excellent attorney. He charges an extremely fair price and really cares about his clients. I feel as if John is not only my attorney but a great friend. I encourage anyone in need of an attorney to meet with John. His assistant April is very helpful as well. Great practice, great team!”

Bruce Green

“John and his assistant April were extremely easy to work with. My wife and I needed to update a 15 year old Trust. John listened to our needs and concerns and answered all of our many questions with patience and understanding. We recommend engaging John’s law firm.”

Caren Endriss

“John is an excellent attorney. He helped me with my mother’s guardianship case and my Dad’s will and power of attorney. His work is impeccable and I highly recommend him.”

Charles Blew

“John’s firm has been an excellent resource for our difficult estate planning needs. Not only did they help us with our estate planning but also gave us excellent referrals to deal with our other outstanding issues. Our family highly recommends this firm as they pay attention to detail, are personable and truly know the law.”

Donna Ernest

” procrastinated and procrastinated getting my affairs in order, and sadly it took seeing several people my age pass away in recent months to get me to do something – so I did and I contacted John Mangan and I am so glad I did. John really took the time to help me assess my situation, made recommendations for how to handle issues and prepared my documents efficiently. He answered all of my questions and made the entire process painless. I now have peace of mind and that is priceless. I highly recommend Mr. Mangan and his entire team as April and Leslie were also wonderful to work with.”

Melissa Banczak

“John was fantastic. He setup my mom’s will very quickly. So easy to work with. I highly recommend him.”

Bud Elkind

My wife and I sought to establish an estate trust. John’s intent listening, explanation and recommendations led us to make the decisions necessary for our needs. We are very pleased with him and his professional staff and highly recommend his law office!
Bud and Lynda Elkind

Dave Derrenbacker

John and his staff are very hands on and take a personal approach to their work. Highly recommend!

Dan Schupka

We had a great experience doing our estate planning. All our concerns and questions where answered. We would highly recommend !

Kimberly M. Matuszek-Martin

I highly recommend John Magnan as a Probate Lawyer and planning any estate matters to protect yourself and your family. He and his staff are very kind, efficient and has your best interest in over coming estate problems that were not handled before a death. They can help you prepare for the future so your loved ones do not have to deal with long legal matters when an estate, big or small, is not prepared properly to be distributed among your loved ones. A great team and very pleased with their services.

Marie Dick

A great experience, both my husband and myself had our estate planning done through Johns’ office. Both efficient and effective in their services.

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