Isabel S.

“A little over a year ago we had a really crazy event happen in our family. It was a bit scary and overwhelming at the time. I called a very trusted friend and asked her what I should do about this. She gave me some good advice and then told me that Bernie (my husband) and I needed to find a great lawyer to get our will done.

We have two little boys and we knew since before they were born that we needed to get this done, but I guess we always kept it at the back burner – so to speak. I started calling law firms that specialized in estate planning and everyone seemed to think that writing up a will was just a quick little piece of paperwork and were directing me to their paralegals.

But, I didn’t want a paralegal! I wanted a really good lawyer!

So, we moved down to Florida and I went out to a moms group in an attempt to make new friends. It just so happened that John Mangan came to the group and spoke about estate and will planning while he was there. He went over lots of details, spoke about sticky family situations, and even said that if we had our will done with him he’d check in with us every few years for needed updates as our family would grow and change. It was like an angel had fallen out of the sky for us! I was completely impressed with him and called my husband after loading the kids in the van to tell him that I thought I found our lawyer.

We met with him about a month later (it’s hard to find a sitter in a new place!) and started going through the process of getting our will done. John asked great questions that even we had never thought of and was so careful to make sure he explained exactly everything that we signed or filled out. At our last meeting, Bernie and I answered 21 questions that John had sent us. These questions went over any important knowledge or ways we would make certain decisions concerning how the boys would be raised. It was all recorded so our boys could hear our voices should we not make it to those milestones in their lives.

Our whole experience with John was so much more than what we ever expected when we thought of putting together our will. We’ve highly recommended him many times already and are so grateful to know that should God call us home, our boys are completely taken care of in this earthly life.”

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